Mexican innovators offer Belize trade opportunities

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Belizean businessmen got the opportunity to form trade partnerships with Mexican companies; when the Mexican Embassy hosteda trade delegation ofentrepreneurs and manufacturers’ representatives of seven companies from Merida, Yucatan and Cancun, Quintana Roo at the Institute of Mexico in Belize City on Thursday, April 27.

Belize Water Services representatives were particularly interested in the innovative water treatment plants designed and built by Spartan Ingeniería Sanitaria. The company has produced a prototype plant 14 meters tall, which is powered by wind and solar power to pump the water through a series of filtration chambers within the tower, and recovers up to 28 percent of the energy by hydro turbo-generators, through which the water flows by gravity from its 40-foot head. The plant can treat water for a community of 50,000 persons, with a flow throughput of 70 liters/second. The company also manufactures septic systems for single households; and more info can be had at their website:

Representatives of Medina’s Construction and Caribbean tires showed great interest in the flame retardant products made by Catchfyre, which manufactures fire retardant products from Timber, fabric, grass, brick, palapas, etc. More information at:

Madramac offers ways of controlling termite and other pests attack on wood in structure and furniture, byimpregnating the timber with the pesticide; more info at

Construction contractors also expressed interest in the innovative ceramic sealant manufactured by ChuKum of Merida, Yucatan for concrete structures and other materials. The ChuKum finish comes as a ceramic powder and a liquid resin, which when mixed together provides a finishing plaster that is applied in a 3-5 millimetre coat to create a smooth water-proof surface suitable for swimming pools, water tanks or any exterior surface. (

Recycled paper is the raw material from which Empaques Nova makes carton material for boxes and packaging materials. (

TheGrupoDiemaoffered shoes, slippers Footwear and other leather accessories made by ChulaStores, and hand-crafted wooden puzzles made by Caribbean Puzzles.

The “Dot Net” company offered software systems development and other  information technologies: (

Mr. Sergio Riverol, the Quintana Roo representative for ProMexico – Mexico’s trade and investment agency, and Mr. Marco Erosa, Director of the Mexican National Chamber of the Electronic, Telecommunications &Information Industries Technologies for Quintana Rooalso offered briefed investors on the opportunities to open a business in the Mexican market.

Source: The Reporter