Central American Agriculture Council Meeting Held in Belize

October 08 09:07 2018 Print This Article

The Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Central American Agriculture Council hosted a one-day National Consultation Workshop for the Central American Agriculture Council Regional Agriculture Policy.  

According to a press release from the Government of Belize, the purpose of the workshop was to define the objectives, lines of action and the regional policy measures for the five priority areas that included:

  1. Trade and Agri-Business
  2. Agricultural Health and Food Safety
  3. Technology & Innovation
  4. Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change
  5. Institutional Streamlining and Strengthening

“The elaboration of the policy is considered to be a planning exercise that is based on the agricultural realities of the SICA region, which are estimated to change or transform significantly and is immersed in an environment that will suffer transformations and will face notable challenges,” the press release states. 

The release further notes that the policy will mark the pathway towards an improved situation corresponding to a regional agricultural image for the end of the considered period, which is commonly referred to as the ‘vision’ or ‘general objective’. 

Present at the workshop were various agriculture stakeholders from the public and private sectors, as well as government officials. 

The proposals received from the workshop will be submitted to other ministerial regional councils related to its implementation and will be based on the commitments made by the countries of the region as per the Guatemala Protocol from the General Treaty on Central American Economic Integration.

Source: Breaking Belize News