Director of Operations

October 08 09:53 2018 Print This Article

KG Information Systems Private Limited is seeking a qualified candidate to fill the position of Director of Operations.

Accountable for the overall call center operations at Belize City. Responsible for the daily running and management of the center through the effective use of resources. Responsible to provide leadership, training, and direction of personnel to ensure improved call efficiency, low abandonment, increased revenue, and improved employee product knowledge and training.


  • To ensure that all calls are delivered to the client per the SLA in terms of production and quality for all call center accounts
  • To determine call center operational strategies by conducting needs assessments, performance reviews, capacity planning and cost/benefit analysis
  • To inculcate in team members the need to improve their efficiency (skills, quantity, quality) at work and to constantly try to increase the productivity of individuals and teams
  • To ensure that the Process Goals are met with regard to client SLAs and internally established production/quality standards
  • To facilitate a congenial and cohesive TEAM work environment
  • To guide, monitor, and supervise the floor Supervisors and Managers at work
  • To ensure generation and analysis of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly client and internal operations reports
  • Responsible for ensuring implementation and success of on-the-job training of new agents
  • Provide necessary feedback to the training department to continuously improve the training program
  • To assist training team in establishing new training/re-training programs for new and existing processes
  • Responsible for ensuring implementation of quality feedback as per established quality process
  • To manage production planning to achieve production goals based on assigned resource strength and infrastructure
  • To clearly communicate job expectations by coaching, counseling, directing, evaluating the work of sub-ordinates to increase their work output and work quality
  • To review individual employee performance on a monthly basis
  • To review individual employee performance with floor Supervisors and Managers on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
  • Responsible for identification and elimination of continual non-performing resources as per the assigned standards
  • To ensure floor Supervisors and Managers take ownership of employee performance by regularly scheduling coaching time to work with marginal performers
  • To assist HR in the recruitment process by screening and shortlisting prospective candidates for employment
  • To conduct regular performance reviews as scheduled by HR
  • Complete all reviews per deadline
  • Provide necessary performance review reports and supporting artifacts
  • To constantly track and update the GM on production staffing requirements
  • To motivate employees and recognize accomplishments in a timely manner
  • To maintain positive internal working relationships with all department employees by communicating in a professional manner and by providing constructive feedback
  • To promote an environment of integrity and responsibility in the workplace by creating a work environment where they “lead by example”
  • To work towards improving shelf life of employees and minimizing shrinkage on a continuous basis
  • To complete required reports and other documentation/paperwork as required on a day-to-day basis
  • To maintain good client/partner relationship and handle client/partner communication
  • To continuously work on enhancing project efficiency through improved processes and changes
  • To continuously work towards self-enrichment where necessary based on feedback from management
  • To bring to management’s attention anything that is a risk/threat to the brand /business/site.
  • To be wholly responsible for the entire life cycle of the call center process, right from recruitment, training, and meeting client KPIs.

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