How to Find an RV Rental in Fresno


The pandemic saw an explosion in the RV market. All of a sudden, people who had never thought about owning one before were desperate to have one.

It makes sense. Driving an RV, or recreational vehicle, is a great way to bring the comforts of home wherever you go. Whether that be to an RV park, camping out in the woods, or to visit family, an RV offers a secure bubble in which to travel.

Buying an RV is a major decision. There are so many different things to consider. What size will be best for you? A smaller one offers fewer options, but can be towed by a smaller vehicle, perhaps one you already own. There are pop-up trailers that can be towed by even a mid-size Sedan. A larger vehicle offers all-in-one convenience but can be difficult to drive.

Renting an RV can be a way for you to try out different options without making any major commitments. With many available to drive without needing to obtain a commercial driver’s license, take the opportunity to find a good fit for you! But how do you find the right rental? In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of finding an RV rental in Fresno to help you find the best fit for you.

Pick a Destination

The first thing you want to consider when looking at a rental is where you’re going to go. Smaller vehicles can allow easier travel and parking options when on the road. Some national parks have small entries cut through rock; the biggest luxury vehicles might not fit through.

On the other hand, a larger vehicle has a lot to offer. You’ll have no need to visit the city when you have everything you need at your fingertips! Many come equipped with both solar power and a generator so you can drive into the woods and stay for a week or more! They also have sizable water tanks that will allow you the comfort of having your own bathroom.

You’ll also have more beds for you and your family. If you’re travelling with the kids, the pets, or both, this is a must have!

Some even have an awning that provides shade and even mosquito netting. You can sit outside enjoying the babbling of a nearby brook or watching a family of deer forage for dinner all without getting eaten alive by pesky insects!

Take into consideration how far away your destination is. When planning your route, you’ll want to keep your vehicle’s top speed into consideration. Don’t rush your trip. You’ll want to drive at a speed that is appropriate for the road conditions. You never want to whip around a turn with a travel trailer hooked up to your truck – you might see it tumble over the side of a mountain!

The next thing you’ll have to consider is your driver’s license. There are several different classifications of RV available, and some require you to have a commercial driver’s license. This is due to the size and complexity of the machine. If you don’t have a commercial license, it will be in your best interest to choose one of the sizes that you can legally drive. Click here if you’re not sure what kind of license you have.

This leads into the next consideration. What kind of vehicle do you own? If you already have a truck, you might want to choose a trailer style recreational vehicle. You’ll need to consider the towing capability of your truck.

If you aren’t sure about your truck’s towing capabilities, there are two ways for you to find out. The first is in your owner’s manual. Make sure not to confuse the weight limit for your truck’s cab with the towing capacity. If you want to make sure you have the right answer, you can contact the dealer. Many people prefer this method to ensure that there are no costly mix-ups. Click this link:,greater%20than%20unbraked%20towing%20capacity to find out more about towing capacity.

Book the Trip!

Once you’ve decided on a destination, it’s time to start making some choices. You could get a Class A, Class B, Class C, a pop-up, a travel trailer, a truck bed camper, or a converted van. All of these are available to rent online for a reasonable rate.

Make sure to shop around for bargains. Some sites will offer you lower rates if you book a week or a month at a time. But make sure that what you’re getting is good quality. Only book from a site that has pictures of the unit you’re going to be renting. Make sure all relevant information is listed, including the make and model of the RV.

No matter what you choose, once you get behind the wheel, you’re going to have an amazing time!