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Travelers With COVID-19 Vaccine Don’t Need Tests

Travel has been impossible with the global pandemic. However, as the vaccines become available, more opportunities to visit Belize present themselves.

Fly With Ease and Comfort With These 7 Tips

Flying for long periods of time can be draining – mentally and physically. In addition to the stress of airport security procedures, ensuring all...

Best Way to Launch your Kayak from Home

For many of us trying to stay fit and healthy during these troubling times with Covid-19 has become a paramount concern. With governments and...

20 songs to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

As we reflect on yet another year and it slowly sinks in that Christmas is here! What better way to set the mood for...

Belizean Fruit Cake & Rum Popo Recipe

Some of the most important elements in a Belizean Christmas are the Black Fruit Cake and Rum Popo. These yummy treats probably rank as...

What Are the Safest Online Brokers Available in Belize

Numerous people are now into online trading because this is considered one of the most viable means to earn decent revenue from your investment....

New Measures in Belize for COVID-19

Belmopan. November 29, 2020. 5:45 p.m.  One of the priority campaign areas of this new administration was to develop and share a new strategy for...

The Best Things to Experience in Belize

Belize is situated on the northeastern cost of Central America. The Belize population is around 397,000 according to Worldometer living in an area of...
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