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Reggie’s Herb and Tea House, Traditional Medicine

Over the past thirty years, a resident of Belize City has been dedicated to preserving the practice of traditional medicine. Reginald Hamilton, known widely as Doctor Reggie, is the visionary behind Reggie’s Herb and Tea House, where he has amassed a deep reservoir of knowledge regarding natural remedies. Through diligent research and personal commitment, he has honed his expertise, viewing his mission as a sacred ancestral calling. Throughout history, diverse cultures have harnessed the power of natural substances for disease prevention and healing. As an exporter of traditional medicinal products, Hamilton harmoniously blends ancient wisdom with contemporary medical approaches. Paul Lopez, a reporter from News5, describes Reggie Hamilton as a traditional herbalist hailing from a lineage of esteemed healers. His base of operations is situated on Pelican Street in Belize City. Unbiased in his care, Reggie extends his assistance earnestly to all in need. He emphasizes the importance of a formal medical diagnosis from a certified physician to ensure responsible treatment. This illustrates the interplay between modern and traditional healing modalities. Holding official recognition as a legitimate enterprise in Belize, Reggie’s Herb and Tea House stands as a certified establishment.

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