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The ‘new normal’ in schools: what will it look like?

Іt іѕ оnе thіng tо rе-ореn ѕсhооlѕ іn thе mіdѕt оf а раndеmіс. Іt’ѕ quіtе аnоthеr tо асtuаllу gеt сhіldrеn bасk tо ѕсhооlѕ, dеѕріtе...

New Arrival Protocols

The Prime Minister of Belize has announced that the Belize International Airport will reopen to international traffic on August 15, 2020. While exact protocols...

COVID-19 Case #22 in Belize

A further 45 samples were processed today for SARS-CoV2 as part of our ongoing surveillance. These tested samples have identified a further case of COVID-19,...

Another confirmed case of COVID-19

The Ministry of Health has officially confirmed case #21 of COVID-19 in the country of Belize. This new case, like those recently announced, is...

Updated SI Comes Into Effect

Effective today, May 15th, Statutory Instrument No. 72 of 2020, the Belize Constitution (Emergency Powers) Regulations, 2020, comes into effect. In summary, the country remains...

Summary of Statutory Instrument No. 62 of 2020

Summary of Statutory Instrument No. 62 of 2020 which came into effect on April 26, 2020. These regulations come into effect on April 26, 2020...

New Updates Regarding COVID-19 in Belize

Belize, it seems, is well on the way to recuperation from COVID-19 as we are happy to report 2 official cases of recovery. Patients...

Three New Cases of COVID-19 Identified

As the quarantine period progresses, three new cases of COVID-19 have been identified. These new cases come as a result of enhanced surveillance exercises...
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