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Why Does Every Casino Mentions A Deposit Bonus?

If you are familiar with online casinos there is a good chance you’ve encountered different kinds of bonuses that online casinos use as a promotional tool. Among the selection of bonuses and rewards you get when you sign up at most online casinos, the most attractive one is the deposit bonus.

But why online casinos are so pushy with this marketing strategy and willing to give you free money that you can use in all of their games once you make a deposit?

Well, there are a couple of reasons why almost all casinos mention a deposit bonus, but the biggest reason is that it is an attractive promotional method that they use to lure people into their selection of games.

Let’s highlight what is actually a deposit bonus and the math behind this promotional tool that online casinos use to hook people in.

What is Deposit Bonus?

The name behind this reward says a lot about how it functions. Basically, you are rewarded bonuses (in-game currencies or free spins) once you make your first deposit in an online casino.

Even though the signup bonus is the most popular option at a casino, it is not where you’ll get the most benefit. Deposit bonuses usually cover a section of your initial deposit ( for example 50 percent, 70 percent, or even 100 percent) and give you the amount of money as a reward to get you going.

So, if the online casino offers a 50% deposit bonus, and your first deposit is $1,000, you’ll get an additional $500 as a reward for depositing money into the system.

This is a huge help for beginners who are just entering the online gambling industry, as a way to jumpstart their betting career.

Player’s Benefits from the Deposit Bonus

There are many bonuses as new players we have to take advantage of, and the same goes for the deposit bonus. So, if you want to play a variety of casino games on 1GoodBet you can take advantage of these bonuses and play the first games without even spending money.

The deposit bonus rewards players for investing their own money at the beginning and it is the perfect way to start experimenting without spending.

This type of bonus is also great to familiarize new bettors with how the system operates and how to invest money in a casino.

Having more money to invest at the beginning, opens up new doors for opportunities and a chance to win more money. Most experienced players would agree that in order to win in online casino games, you cannot enter with a small amount of money (for example $20). However, investing a lot of money upfront might be risky since you don’t know much about how the process works. 

Fortunately, the Deposit Bonus is here to give you a jumpstart and help you find your grounds in the online casino industry.

Casino Benefits from Deposit Bonuses

The casino actually has even more benefits that come from this promotional tool. First of all, the rewards you’ll receive as a bonus are most likely to be re-invested in the casino. Additionally, almost all casinos don’t allow you to withdraw the amount of money you receive with the deposit bonus.

This means that the cost for this promotional tool is significantly lower since the money will eventually find its way back to the casino pocket.

On top of that, the deposit bonus is great for the casinos just because they participate with a smaller portion of the initial investment. Instead of covering the entire cost of the bonus like the welcome bonus that doesn’t require any deposit, they are receiving some benefit as players invest their own money into the system.

Even the most experienced gambler will never refuse online casino bonuses, and on the udenlandske casinoer portal there are enough of them for everyone.


The deposit bonus brings an added benefit for both the casino and the players. It is a win-win situation where players get the benefit of having an additional budget for gambling at the start, and the online casino attracts more potential customers with their offer.

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