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6 Garage Upgrades to Consider Making This Year

With over one-half of all Americans spending a couple of hours each week in the garage, it is important to make it a welcoming space. Too many people leave the garage until last when it comes to upgrades, and you need to instead ensure it feels like another part of your home. So, what are some of the garage upgrades that you could invest in to help you feel like you want to spend time there?

Below, we list six garage updates you can make and what you can do with each one. Think about what you need, and how each one will improve your life moving forward.

1. Better Capacity

One of the first things you can think about is what you use your garage for. While some people use it for simple storage, others want to utilize the area to do work on their vehicle, create works of art, or do DIY. As such, you will need to move things out of the way when you start work.

Storage solutions. By looking into customizable cabinets, you can give yourself plenty of room to organize anything you want to place in your garage. While you do not need to stop using the area for storing items, it might help you to get some of it out of the way so you can focus on other things.

Shelving. At the same time, you might have several items you need to have on hand. This might be paints, tools of your trade, or an ongoing DIY project.

If you install several shelves, you can improve your access to them while also removing them from the floor, or from a pile in the corner. It takes them away from potential wet spots, leaving you with the freedom to get to them when you have the time.

2. Electrical Improvements

Nobody wants a dreary space to spend time in. These are some ways you can see better in your garage.

LED lighting. Not only are these more energy-efficient, but they offer bright white light compared to more traditional yellow light. You can also add strip lighting instead of only single bulbs for a more exciting ambiance.

More outlets. You can never get enough places to plug things in, especially as electric cars are more in-vogue. Add some more outlets to allow you to have as much power as you need, or think about heavy-duty outlets for garage tools.

Smart lighting. Give a little more control to the little AI that lives in your home. Adjust the lighting remotely, set a schedule, and allow everything to run without your input.

Or instead use motion-detected light activation, so you never need to touch the switches again.

3. Flooring and Walls

Moving around the garage might feel uncomfortable sometimes if you have either a dirt floor or a rough concrete coating. Doing exercise, vehicle work, or many other types of activity would benefit from a whole garage makeover.

Decorative concrete finish. Consider adding a more stylish finish to the floor in your garage with a smooth coating. This can mimic the appearance of the concrete underneath it, but be much more comfortable.

Using an epoxy or clear sealant can also ensure the floor is durable, and that spills of water or oil do not cause issues with a porous surface. If you want to know what this entails, investigate a garage floor installer for more info.

Walls. While you are at it, why not improve the walls at the same time with a little bit of interior design love? Plaster, concrete, or many other options allow you to create a space that suits the aesthetic you prefer, and you can always find some art to sit there too.

4. Security Enhancements

If you have anything in your garage you want to keep safe, including your vehicle, think about these.

Cameras. Keeping an eye on expensive tools or your car can mean the difference between a failed or successful insurance claim.

Smoke and CO2 detectors. Give yourself the best chance of staying safe in case any accident occurs.

Better ventilation. Throw a few vents into the garage, so that the next time you start gluing or painting you do not need to leave the main door open.

5. New Garage Functionality

You might be the DIY type, or you might have a project on the go. Think about how these can help you move forward with each.

Tool wall. At the same time as putting ongoing projects on a shelf, having easy access to the tool you need when you need it can make everything faster. Invest in a tool wall and help yourself to go from one job to another with the minimum hassle.

Workbench. If you are the type of person who performs a lot of handiwork around the home, you need a place to work on smaller items. Installing a workbench gives you the space you need to avoid doing all that work on the dining table or another open space.

6. More Garage Ideas

There are plenty of other extras you can put into a garage to make it like any other part of the home. Allow yourself to improve your life with these options.

Home gym. Get fit in the comfort of your own home, or neglect to use your home gym instead of neglecting to use the gym you pay for.

Playroom. If you have small children, fence off an area and make it safe for them. They can then enjoy themselves while you work.

Insulated doors. Stop the cold from entering the garage, or the heat from escaping.

Windows. Add a few windows in the walls or ceiling to allow your body’s natural cycle to kick in.

The Best Garage Upgrades

With each of the above garage upgrades, you should be able to visualize what the perfect garage for you might be. We want to help you achieve that, and so we offer a great many guides on how to improve your home.

Our articles discuss every area of your home and how to upgrade it. So, check out our blog and find ways to make the space where you live better today.

*See our Disclaimer for release information.

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