Beaches, Mayan Ruins and Casinos: How Can Belize Use Different Types of Tourism for Economic Boost?

February 14 09:21 2018 Print This Article

When you think of the reasons that draw tourists to Belize, you’re naturally likely to think straigh taway of the stunning year-round weather, the incredible Mayan ruins, and the fact that the country boasts stunning diving and fishing opportunities. However, there is one aspect that, although not so widely acknowledged at the moment, could end up becoming one of the primary reasons for tourists to visit Belize, and a big factor in helping change the perception of it as just a smaller, less busy coastal rival to the Riviera Maya and the Cancun area.

A Forward-Thinking Country

With Belize aware that it needs to retain its unspoiled “paradise location” appeal, recent moves to ban offshore oil drilling will help to ensure that the country’s reefs are left in a strong condition. The increasingly positive conditions surrounding personal safety and security have also helped to encourage expats from the USA and further afield to come to the country to retire, proving that the country is looking to appeal to those of all ages and demographics.

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One of the more impressive recent ideas, though, has been the increase in quality and quantity of new casinos, as well as places to stay that combine relaxation with the chance to win big on jackpots.

Casinos: Looking to the Future

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of Belize’s forward-thinking approach as it tries to build a strong and sustainable tourism profile for itself is that instead of simply trying to become the latest Macau or Monte Carlo, or even trying to copy the Riviera Maya approach of beautiful beaches and big hotels, it looks to drive gambling tourism forward in a more widespread, entrenched manner in order to help benefit the whole country.

Take the popularity of online gambling as an example. Belize has been able to take advantage of the widespread popularity of online gaming, in part due to the simplicity of playing many of these games, as explained in this guide to progressive slots, by creating its own online gambling institutions with a solid reputation to help to add to the rising tide of money being generated by tourism.

An excellent example of a country where this has taken place can be found in the form of Canada, where the popularity of physical casinos in certain provinces has helped to encourage growth of online gambling in the country, with websites set up over there to help provide you with all you need to know about online slots and other casino games such as blackjack, roulette and beyond.

The Road Ahead

While the Canadian model is certainly something to aspire to, the fact is that Belize now has a fantastic chance to embrace the future and help secure itself a reputation as a place not just to visit for the beautiful scenery and incredible history but also for the vibrant gambling opportunities, both offline and online. If the country can do this, then everyone who lives in Belize could well see the benefits of an improvement in the country’s wealth.