Belize Cave Tubing Adventure from US $60 – BZ $120

Belize Cave Tubing Adventure from US $60 – BZ $120
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The Best of Belize!

We are a fully born and raised Belizean Team, who have paid our dues working our way up in the Tourism Industry of Belize for the past fifteen years. We are Tour Guides who have put our skills together to bring you the Ultimate Belizean Tour.

Our goal is to re-inject and shed a larger light on the Historical and Cultural attributes of Belize which is the real treasure for all Belizeans. Along with the growth of the Tourism Industry Cavetubing5Star have realize the changes that have taken away from the real uniqueness that is Belize. Our plan is to revamp and revive our country’s positive attributes in a fun filled manner with a family orientated atmosphere for the World to enjoy.

Cave Tubing

Exclusive only to Belize. Cave tubing is not just a Tour it’s an ADVENTURE of a life time which encompasses The Belize River, Rainforest and Caves, with UNBELIZEABLE Fun! Come explore the pristine, underworld of Belize, where your imagination comes to life.

A high activity and educational tour where you go hiking for twenty (20) minutes through the Rainforest. Then float on your tube down the river through the mystic caves of the Mayas. Awesome for the eyes. At the end relax and be at peace with Nature’s Secret.

What to bring:

  • Your swimwear and water shoes are all you need along with your energetic spirit.
  • We provide all equipment: helmet, head lights, life vest and tube. Park fees included.
  • The Government of Belize has imposed a height restriction of no less than forty (40) inches.
  • A one (1) hour ride to the site that also includes a free city tour.
  • Physical Activity: A twenty (20) minutes’ walk through the jungle.

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