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Best Way to Launch your Kayak from Home

For many of us trying to stay fit and healthy during these troubling times with Covid-19 has become a paramount concern. With governments and health organizations suggesting that we all try to do at least 1 hour of exercise each day to help with our physical and mental condition. Whilst it is difficult to safely practice social distancing and keep fit at the same time there are many options that should ensure our safety and the safety of others.

Water sports are one of the best ways in which to keep in shape and ensure a lack of contact with others. It is not always easy to do so for people who are in inner-city environments but many of us live near lakes, the ocean, or rivers. There are many different water sports and activities that can be practiced on these bodies of water that we are lucky enough to live by. Amongst them is kayaking. Kayaking can be great fun for all ages and relatively inexpensive but without the proper means to access the water safely, a Kayak Lift is a great option to help lower the craft into the water and also help to retrieve the craft, they can also be used for other vessels to enter or exit the body of water you have been enjoying.

The Health Benefits of Using A Kayak

Kayaking is a very popular sport and hobby throughout the world it has become very popular whether it is kayaking in the seas of Belize or lakes and rivers in Switzerland people enjoy the freedom it gives them and the numerous health benefits you can gain, including:

  • Increasing body strength, the upper body will greatly benefit from kayaking. Shoulders, back, and arms will soon become more developed.
  • The health of your heart will also be increased as the rate of exercise will increase the red blood cells in your body.
  • Some foods including beef, fish, and cheese are high in fat and produce Vitamin D but are not a substitute for getting natural sunlight which also produces the vitamins we need to sustain healthy bones, helps to boost our immune system, and can even help with our brain functions.

There are many other benefits from being a casual or avid kayaker including the social aspect that the sport brings.

Increasing Your Happiness by Kayaking

Spending time outdoors is proven to help with keeping our mental health and our overall levels of happiness higher. With all the fresh air, beautiful scenery, and exercise it naturally makes us feel better. Chemicals when kayaking and exercising are released throughout the body including dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and norepinephrine. These natural chemicals which the body produces can help with depression and a feeling of wellbeing.

It is possible to also purchase a kayak with a clear bottom letting you enjoy the beauty of the fish and the body of water you are on. Very relaxing for the mind and giving you an insight into your environment.

Improving Friendships and Family Connections 

Kayaking is a great way to help improve family and friendship relations, being out on the water has a special way of helping people to bond especially during these troubling times that we face. It is important to maintain these relationships and being a fairly easy sport or hobby to practice kayaking is great in helping with this.

Whilst we need to practice social distancing, being out on the open water is a great way to still socialize with other people whilst maintaining a safe distance. Try joining a local club and experience the joys you will get from kayaking and help to keep yourself healthy and still being able to interact with other like minded people.

How to Choose the Right Type of Kayak When Buying

There are many considerations when choosing the right kayak for you or your family. First is the body of water on which you want to use the kayak on, sea or ocean kayaks are different to fresh water vessels. There are two main types to consider, both with equal attributes to take into account.

  • Sit-on-top kayaks are generally the more popular of the choices you have. They are child friendly and are very stable affording ease of embarking and disembarking. Although generally larger which may require a kayak lift to help you with launching they can be used in both salt water environments and fresh water. Many people enjoy fishing with them due to the room and space they afford.
  • The second alternative is the sit-inside version which you can seal and are mostly used by experienced kayak enthusiasts and for sporting purposes. Once sealed in if you have turned the kayak it takes some practice to turn back over, before you set out trying out techniques for righting yourself is important.

Both are great options depending on your needs and budget. Before purchasing you could ask the advice of a local club to help you choose the type and even brand best suited to you.

Tips for Maintaining Your Kayak

It is very important as with any vessel to maintain your kayak and keep it in safe working condition. Kayaks are often an expensive investment for many of us and the same rules apply as with anything expensive, taking care of is important. Here are some tips to help you maintain your kayak and ensure the safety of yourself and family:

  1. Before taking out the kayak make sure that the inside is clean and free from any animals that may have thought they have found a nice new home. Spiders and rodents could be a major distraction once you get out on the water.
  2. After being on the water, especially salt water it is very important to clean the kayak both inside and outside using a mild soap or detergent to help combat any sand, mud or salt accumulating.
  3. Keeping the kayak out of the sun. This may sound ironic as the main point is to be in the outdoors but sun damage when storing can have a detrimental effect on the boat.
  4. Make sure to use appropriate transport. And if necessary use a kayak launcher to help reduce the damage to the bottom of your craft, avoid starting from a rough or uneven surface.

Good maintenance is essential for your enjoyment and takes very little time once you are back at home or the boat yard. Buying a kayak is an investment and should be regarded as such.


Whilst water sports are not for everybody it is well worth before buying a kayak to ask around with your friends or colleagues if anyone has a kayak of either description and that you may join them the next time they are venturing out. Apart from the health aspects, the sheer beauty of the nature you can enjoy is worth it. 

Almost all areas where there is water there will be a local kayaking club and will give you advice on the best ways to enjoy the sport, whether it is just for pleasure or for a more adventurous activity it is something that most people enjoy so long as it is done in a safe fashion. Next time you’re on holiday aslo you have the opportunity to explore more and see things your friends may have not.

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