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How online horse betting works and some helpful tips for first timers 

Horse races are thrilling spectacles. The vibe surrounding these events is uplifting, what with the fast-paced nature of the sport. People take their family and friends for a fun day out at the races, watching the well-bred horses attain incredible speeds and cheering them on as they pass by.

Horse racing is also one of the sports that naturally lends itself to betting. People place bets after researching a particular horse, its breed, the level of training received, and the jockey’s experience or skill set. Since the odds are constantly changing on the racetrack, betting becomes as thrilling as the sport.

However, instead of physically visiting the racetracks or racecourses to place bets on a race, you can place a bet from your home through an online betting platform. Once you find a good, safe and reliable platform, you can place your bets on a horse after researching its past performance, browsing the profile of the jockey, and estimating their chances of winning the race.

But how does the process work, and what are some things you should know before betting on horse racing through an online platform? Read on to find out.

How to find a betting platform?

You must find a reliable betting platform to place bets online on horse races. It should have a secure payment system and be an approved betting provider strictly adhering to the betting codes of practice. 

The platform should mention itself as a publicly listed company with an authentic gambling licence and physical branches. They should record all telephone calls that their representatives have with the customers on a voice logging system, as it ensures the security of both the bookmaker and the client. 

Further, it must enable its online wagers to be scrutinised by a gaming commission as soon as they occur. 

How does the betting process work?

Before you can place a bet on a horse race on bluebet.com.au, or a betting platform of your choice, they will ask you to open an account, which you can do by filling out a form or calling their customer service representative. 

Once you’ve done that, deposit funds into your newly created account using credit cards, cash, cheques, fund transfers, or other payment mechanisms.

Most platforms have a minimum and maximum betting limit for the races, which you should find out in advance. Some give you the option of a pre-committed facility, letting you set the deposit and loss limits. 

Tips to bet on horse racing online

Here are some tips you will find helpful while betting on horse racing on an online platform.

Become familiar with the racing jargon

If you are betting on horse races for the first time, it pays to be familiar with the racing jargon. You should be familiar with a few terms: all-weather, allowance, banker, blinkers, bloodstock, bridle, broodmare, clerk of the course, and connections.

Place a bet on the favourite

The safest bet that you can place is on the favourite. It refers to the horse with the highest chances of winning, with favourites winning almost 53% of the time. However, since many prefer betting on the favoured horse, you will have to bet a large amount to receive significant returns. 

Try spread betting

Betting against the spread is a technique where a bet is placed not just on the chances of a horse winning a race but by the points on which they win it. It is a good way of earning more money from a race since you can buy more than the spread. It also allows you to bet on several horses rather than a single one.Betting on horse races through an online betting platform is convenient, easy, and exciting once you know how the process works and become familiar with the racing terminology. However, before doing so, finding a safe wagering platform is essential.

Neteller betting sites also give both new and experienced players the opportunity to bet on horses.

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