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Is A Maltese Dog A Good Choice For Kids

Maltese Temperament

Having a pet seems to be the dream for children around the globe, they love the idea that a furry animal will give them as many cuddles and love as they want, and that they have a nonstop companion to go on adventures with. But how do you know what dog is the most appropriate, which one will add value to their lives in more ways than we realize with pets, and are they responsible enough to take on the chores and walks that go along with a furball?

It can be tricky deciding on the breed, shape, and size, but also the diet and nutrition that comes with having a pet. Certain dogs can be fussy eaters which can be tricky for kids to navigate around, others are prone to health issues if not fed correctly, but most importantly the breed is what will determine the complexity of the new furry family member.

The right fit.

As adults we tend to like different animals than those of our children, while we are all fine to see exotic lizards and Japanese fighting fish at the zoo or Oceanarium we aren’t rushing out to buy the necessities to have one in the home. Some people do however get drawn in by the mystique of something unusual, see here for an idea of what those are and how pet owners are pushing the boundaries with their choices.

The same goes for dogs, you think it is easy to choose one, but when you begin your research on which puppy is suitable you are overwhelmed with choice and not to mention their cuteness.

Thinking small and manageable is most parent’s go-to option, and one in particular that stands out from the crowd is the Maltese. The fluffy white hair blowing effortlessly in the breeze, a little bow usually adorns the top of the head nestled amongst curls and which matches its little owner’s princess dress and shoes. But just because it is small does it make for a good fit?

Maltese for Mary.

What you need to be careful of when purchasing your pup is its history, does it have good energy, is it family-friendly, and has it got a good temperament to withstand Mary dressing him and combing his hair when she feels in the mood?

Small doesn’t necessarily equal toy things, they are petite and fragile animals that can be seriously injured if your toddler decides to have an overly exciting wrestling match, and may even turn on them in self-defense. In general, they are playful and very social, considered as royal lapdogs during the Roman and Greek eras, but be sure it has the patience needed for a home filled with children.

The last thing to think about is their training, they are tough to get down to a routine and set schedule as they prefer to be with their owners rather than alone for long periods.

Be sure of your Maltese temperament before making any conclusive decisions, certain foods and organic products are available on the market to assist with this but you will need to do your homework. Maltese don’t do well with quantity as opposed to quality so using generic food brands could cause an upset stomach and certainly won’t offer the nutritional value your growing pup needs.

Why pets are important in child development.

We often don’t realize the impact an animal can have on a child both emotionally and mentally, of course, a physical comes as part of the package as the race and tumble in the garden for hours. But it can be even more than that, let’s take a look at some of the top features parents praised about giving their child a pet.

  • Friend. They will always have someone there by their side, a shoulder to cry on, a cuddle when it is most needed, or simply just having someone to lie on the grass with and stare at the clouds floating by.
  • Schooling. Kids can feel pressured at schools to participate, perform, or read, and this can cause them anxiety. Getting your child to read a ‘bedtime story’ to your family pet will be the best of both worlds, they get to practice their daily required reading and increase their bond.

And this is no ordinary connection, kids and pets speak their own language, click in a way that sometimes surprises adults, you can click here to read an in-depth article on the topic and see if what you learn is evident in your home.

  • Responsibility. Depending on the age of the child they may or may not take full responsibility for the family pet, but there is some level of ownership as they grow up. Cleaning after them, walking and exercising them daily, and having fresh food and water are basics that children learn with a pet.
  • Communication. Doing activities together as a family such as walking the dog or going to a dog show helps to keep the lines of communication open between family members. Hearing advice, asking questions all adds to the relationships built between parents and kids.

At the end of the day, a pet brings an abundance of love, even on the worst days when you think nothing can bring you out of the funk they appear and smother you in licks and slobber. It has also been shown that stressful situations can be diffused by simply stroking your pet, so next time there’s a big exam try it and see how they forget about tomorrow’s big test.

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