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Real Estate in Belize: Looking Ahead

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2019 and beyond is looking very promising for Belize’s Real Estate industry! The demand for single family homes and investment properties are on the rise and with an increasingly vibrant and growing real estate industry, we predict a higher demand in Belize real estate this year.

The increasing demand of Belize real estate for sale will introduce new players to fill long-standing voids in the local industry in terms of increased residential mortgage and refinancing offers, although unfortunately commercial mortgages will continue to decline as banks remain cautious of speculative activity in the country. We anticipate increased investments in apartment and residential buildings, an increase in prospective buyers, and even heightened interest in existing homes and investment properties.

The buying and selling of residential property is without a doubt the most thriving sector of the real estate industry in Belize. This is so because of the ever increasing demand for residential homes and properties among the new millennials, who now see the value to make the move from rental to mortgage and ownership.

Given the cost of land and other factors of production, and considering good urban planning principles, gated communities are swiftly becoming the way of the future in Belize property. Buyers are seeking out investment that comes with a more structured package and covers all angles, from security and backup power, to serene environments than those in existing urban centers across the country.

This new wave of interest comes with the demand for a more strategic marketing, targeting mobile and internet savvy users. This rings true because of the ever increasing number of people who have the capability to access the World Wide Web. With this in mind, we intend to increase our web presence in 2019 with a more aggressive social media presence and an increased number of new listings on a more frequent basis.

We look forward to serving you in the coming months and encourage you to buy Belize property with Hesed Realty!

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