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Safe Gambling in Belize

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Belize has 3 land-based casinos that you can visit and play your favourite casino games. However, gambling can become a problem if not monitored. We have written this guide to help you not fall a victim to gambling problems.

What You Should Know About Gambling

Gambling is simply a leisure activity. However, it comes with some risks. Because of that, you should protect yourself when it comes to the problem of gambling.

Problem Gambling

Many gamble to the point where they ruin their finances, relationships and health. Note the tips listed below to protect yourself.

Tips for Safer Gambling

Gambling In Not A Way to Make Money

The truth of the matter is; both online casino sites and brick and mortar casinos are businesses. But that doesn’t mean they are designed in a way that they take in more money than they actually pay out. Because of that, you must know that eventually, you will win or lose. Stop believing that you will be the big winner or loser because it’s that belief which feeds the gambling problem.

Use Money That You Can Afford To Lose

Always make it a habit to put money aside for entertainment. That money should be the one you use for gambling. Never use money that you have set aside for other important things like rent, school fees for the kids or bills.

Never Chase Your Losses

When you make a loss, simply walk away and come try again when you are refreshed. Trying to chase your losses will lead to bigger losses.

Set a Budget

Set aside money for gambling. As soon as it’s finished, stop. Don’t use money that you haven’t set aside specifically for gambling.

Set a Time Limit

Set some time for gambling or sports book online. As soon as that time is up, stop. Never keep playing as you will end up losing more money.

Don’t Gamble When You Are Emotional

Never gamble when you are depressed or angry. Usually, when you are emotional, you are not capable of making the right decisions.

Never Mix Gambling and Alcohol

When you are drunk, you usually make wrong decisions. Never gamble under the influence.

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