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What are the 5 Best Apps in 2021?

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In a world where mobile device activity is seeing record heights with every passing year, exciting new apps are becoming a ubiquitous part of our daily lives.

Whether you use them for social networking or keeping anxiety at bay, there’s an app for just about everything – and they are all competing for your attention.

In 2021, it’s likely that your smartphone is already filled with numerous apps that you know and love, but why miss out on what’s new? These apps are five of the best, all easily downloadable on both Android and Apple iOS systems.

You may have heard of them, you may have not – but all of them are uniquely designed to capture your attention in some way and provide you with a nifty service that is accessible from your back pocket.

  1. Duolingo

The number one educational app in the world right now, Duolingo is an app that teaches users how to speak multiple languages. With over 300 million users worldwide and an excellent user engagement stance, Duolingo is any aspiring multilinguist’s go-to app.

Duolingo’s learning sessions are gamified for an easy and addictive approach that keeps users entertained while they are educated. Offering an amazing 98 different language courses, Duolingo was listed as Forbes’ “Next Billion-Dollar Start-Ups for 2019”.

  • Bumble

Tinder may have had the floor for the past few years, but Bumble is quickly becoming the international dating app of choice. What makes this app special is its unique approach towards male and female communication: only users who identify as women can make the first move.

Dating sites can often be unsafe for women, which is why Bumble has become such a popular choice for them to meet potential partners in an environment that is totally within their control.

In addition to being a dating site, Bumble also offers friendship and business networking options for those seeking connections of a different kind.

  • LastPass

LastPass holds all of your passwords in one secure place so that instead of remembering login information for five or six (or more) different accounts, you only need to remember the information for one – your LastPass one. This is great if you have several bingo for cash memberships.

With two-tier authentication services such as a fingerprint detector and separate PIN number, LastPass can be relied on to keep your private information safe from harm.

  • Pocket

This clever app is designed as a holding space for all of your saved articles, videos, and stories you can’t read now but want to read later. Accessible even without an internet connection, Pocket serves as a neat little nook for on-the-go readers.

Previously known as “Read It Later”, Pocket saves all of your favorite pieces of news or information in one space so that you don’t have to backlog your internet tabs or miss out on reading articles that interest you.

  • HeadSpace

Global stress levels have pushed meditation apps like this one up to unexpected heights. HeadSpace offers a range of meditation courses that are about 10 minutes long each, catering for everything from anxiety to insomnia.

With soft visuals and high-quality audio options, Headspace is dedicated to helping users find peace and relaxation in everyday life and promoting awareness around mental health.

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