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What to Do If You Get in a Rear End Accident

Rear-end collisions account for about 29% of the accidents that happen on the road. It’s the most common incident because it only takes a split second of looking at your phone for one to happen. 

If you’ve caused one, there’s a good chance the court won’t rule in your favor if the other driver decides to sue. You’ll need to get a good lawyer on your side. 

Calling your lawyer is only one thing you should do after getting into a rear end accident. You should also call the police, exchange information with the other driver, and check everyone for injuries. Continue reading to learn more.

Check for Injuries

When hit from behind, it can cause a variety of injuries. While it can be tempting to panic and drive away after an accident, you should stop, get out of your car, and check the other driver for injuries. 

If the other driver is hurt, get them medical attention before you do anything else. 

Call the Police

After everyone’s injuries have been attended to, it’s time to call the police. In most states, it’s a requirement to call 9-1-1 after being part of an accident. 

They’ll determine who’s at fault, gather everyone’s information, and write up a report. 

Exchange Information with the Driver

While you wait for the police, talk with the other driver. Tell them your name, insurance information, address, and phone number. 

Keep the conversation brief. Its okay to apologize for the inconvenience of the accident and make sure they’re not hurt but don’t say anything that would put the blame on yourself. 

The same goes for when you’re talking to the police. Give them basic information about the accident, but don’t admit fault. 

Call Your Insurance Company

After being rear ended, the other driver will contact their insurance company, and you should too. 

Report the damage done to your vehicle. You should also warn them about the possible incoming claim from the person you hit.  

Later, you can expect a call from the other driver’s insurance company. Answer their questions and nothing more. Again, the last thing you want to do is admit fault. 

Contact a Lawyer

If the other driver decides to sue, you’ll need to get an attorney on your side. There are many hiring car accident lawyer benefits

They can gather evidence that may spin the court’s opinion in your favor. For example, they might be able to prove that you hit the other driver from behind because the car in front of them cut them off. 

The other driver may have missed the claim filing deadline. If that’s the case, you may be in the clear. 

What to Do If You Get Into a Rear End Accident

When you get into a rear end accident, it’s easy for the panic to set in. The person who does the rear-ending is almost always proven at fault for the incident. 

However, if you hire a quality lawyer, and follow the steps you’ve read here today, anything is possible. 

For more tips that will help you navigate your way around a courtroom, explore the rest of our blog.

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