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Why Choose Belize?

Why should I invest in Belize?

Investing in Belize real estate is a tremendous opportunity for foreigners due to the wide range of landscapes to choose from and the wide array of affordable real estate available on the market.  

Why would I live in Belize?

If you’re a nature lover, Belize is the perfect place for you! Belize has a wide range of exquisite natural attractions; to name a few, Belize has the largest living barrier reef, numerous Maya ruins, captivating limestone caves, the magnificent Victoria Peak, the great blue hole, many breathtaking waterfalls and the illustrious cockscomb basin. Belize is most popularly known for being one of the world’s most hospitable places with a melting pot of cultures hailing from all over the world.

Since Belize is located in the Caribbean, there are only two seasons – wet and dry. On average, temperatures range from 73 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, but the temperature can also increase to 100 degrees or more and decrease to 72 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Belize’s primary language is English, which makes moving that much easier.

Why should I retire in Belize?

Belize has one of the world’s finest retiree programs. Under the Qualified Retirement Program (QRP), the government of Belize offers qualified persons an exemption from taxes on all income received from sources stemming from outside Belize.

The exchange rate is locked at $2 Belize Dollars to $1 US Dollar, which means you never have to worry about frequently changing rates.

Belize is also not too far from most states which makes going home to see family and friends relatively easy and hassle free through one of several international airlines arriving/departing via the Philip Goldson International Airport daily.

Why buy property in Belize?

There are currently no restrictions for foreigners renting, selling, or buying real estate in Belize. Property tax is generally low and set at just 1% or less of the unimproved value of the land. Matus Real Estate makes buying property in Belize effortless. Matus Real Estate will get it done for you, from identifying the right investment to closing the deal, we are here to serve you!

Find your ideal Belize Real Estate investment at https://www.matusrealestatebelize.com/

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