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Why Tour With 5Star Adventures

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5 Star Service…5 Star Fun!

The 5 Star Cave Tubing Team seeks to highlight the historical and cultural attributes of this melting pot called Belize. With over 15 years experience working in the tourism industry, we’ve put our skills together to bring you the ultimate Belize tour packages.

Our team has ventured down Belize’s back roads and are uniquely familiar with the people, language, food, watering holes, local festivals, and exotic destinations not found in any guide book. Tour with a team you can trust; our experienced guides are thoughtful, informed, and fun to be around. With us you will discover remote regions of Belize that only few people have had the pleasure to visit and enjoy touring these amazing destinations while learning about the customs and traditions of the Belizean people.  From the diverse traditions of the Mestizo and East Indian people to the unique customs of the Maya and the Garifuna tribes, we look forward to sharing the country’s rich history and get you involved in the daily life of the various Belizean cultures we come across during our tours.

At 5 Star Cave Tubing, we understand what you want and we know how to let you experience it safely. Our guides speak fluent English and are highly experienced in the business of taking care and looking out for our Clients. In terms of comfort, we provide the best transportation and accommodations available. We provide all necessary equipment, of the highest quality, thereby enhancing your safety, convenience and comfort. Our tours range from day trips zip lining and cave tubing, to quick trips to the Belize Zoo and nearby Mayan Ruins. Whatever you choose to do, experience it with 5 Star Cave Tubing – where your adventure starts with us!

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