Marijuana bill signed into law

November 07 14:37 2017 Print This Article

The amendment to the misuse of drug bill was officially signed into law.

The bill was introduced in parliament in August by the government of Belize and is to “decriminalize the possession of cannabis in amounts not exceeding ten grams, to provide for the imposition of monetary and non-recordable penalties for the possession of cannabis in such amounts occurring on school premises, in specified circumstances, to decriminalize the smoking of cannabis on private premises.”

On October 25, 2017 , at the Senate, senators debated the pros and cons of marijuana usage in Belize.

NGO Senator Osmany Salas referred to the fact that countries decriminalized marijuana but provided counselors for their youths in cases of drug abuse. Salas elaborated that Belize does not have adequate rehab facilities to deal with the issues that decriminalization may have in our society.

Government Senator, Aldo Salazar supported the bill by explaining that the negative effects of marijuana stems from habitual abuse.

The bill was signed into law by the Governor General.