5 Reasons You’ll Love Living in Belize

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When most people hear of Belize, they immediately think of a third-world, under-developed, and dangerous little country. But, the select few that have had the pleasure of visiting and those of us already living in Belize know it as a true jewel within the Caribbean offering an abundance of beauty and charm for visitors of all ages.

Fort George Belize City

Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America and is nestled between Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea. This ideal location affords the country to be only a short plane ride to all major U.S. ports while housing some of the most lush rainforests and pristine islands in the region.

Many, who have ventured here on a short trip, have fallen in love and became permanent residents themselves, as they have discovered some of the most unique characteristics that make the country shine much brighter and bigger than its small physical size. Some of these reasons to live in Belize include its affordability, ease of communication, health benefits, unending list of activities and mainly the culture.

Below, I’ll take a deeper look into these reasons that will surely make you love living in Belize.

1. Affordability

Don’t be mistaken and think everything in Belize will be “dirt cheap” but the standard of living is much lower in comparison to larger countries like the U.S. and others in the Caribbean.

Common services that are considered a luxury elsewhere are very affordable here like Cable TV, which costs about USD $25 monthly, domestic help (USD $15 daily), insurance (which is available for health, life, home, motor and commercial) that carries very affordable yet compensating policies, and medical facilities. Medical services are so affordable here that medial tourism is now on the rise in Belize. More and more people are travelling from all over the world seeking the more affordable yet quality medical attention that Belize provides.

Housing options are also very affordable here. You can choose to buy move-in ready homes, condos, apartments or even buy raw land and build your dream home from the ground up. There is plenty of land and other property options available for sale in Belize. An easy way to see all available options is to check with a real estate agency like CPC Belize Real Estate Solutions. If you prefer the security and close-knit community of a condominium there are many options available across the country, including Playa del Consejo which is located in one of Belize’s top retirement communities of Consejo in Corozal. For those on a tight budget and looking for an apartment, Belize also has various options available – most of which can be found in the local paper’s classifieds. In comparison to other countries in the region, Belize offers buyers the lowest price for top properties inland and beachfront whether for personal or commercial use.

Don’t think you’ll have to cut out your night life to afford living in Belize. Entertainment here is very, very affordable. Many of the bars offer free entrance and the night clubs have free nights too. On the nights you do have to pay, the entrance fee usually runs around USD $10. Inside, drinks are just as reasonable. One could enjoy local rum or beer for about $2.50 and imported rums, whiskeys, wines, champagne or cognac for under $10.00.

Eating out is another affordable luxury in Belize. There are plenty of fast food joints offering dishes that start as low as USD $2.50, and sometimes cheaper, while most places generally stay under USD $20. Higher end restaurants offering international cuisine can run a little higher ranging anywhere from USD $10 – $35 depending on where and what you order. But in almost all aspects, Belize is very affordable and accommodating to almost any budget.

2. Language

Because Belize is a former British Colony, its official language is English. This is definitely a plus for those in the US, UK, or Canada who are considering Belize as their new home since they wouldn’t need to learn another language before venturing to a country that, in almost every other aspect, is completely different from their own. There is no need to worry about any miscommunications when in Belize, because all official street signs, documents and any other means of communication are all in English everywhere in the country.

However, you shouldn’t expect to hear only English when you’re up and about in the country though, many people here are bilingual and speak Spanish, Chinese or Mandarin as well while a few also speak French.

3. Health

Aside from providing affordable health care services, Belize also grows plenty of fruits and vegetables all over the country making produce here cheap and readily available on a daily basis at the local markets and supermarkets. A healthy diet is easy to maintain here without breaking the bank.

The air in Belize is much less polluted than in other parts of the world. This is thanks in large part to the abundance of plants and trees found in the lush rainforest and scattered throughout the mainland. This is not to imply that certain main towns in the country that are congested with automobiles won’t have some smog, but those are far and few in between and are in no way comparable to that experienced in larger countries.

Because of Belize’s subtropical climate, there are plenty of sunny days here. Aside from increased vitamin D levels that contribute to cancer prevention and higher energy levels, sunny days allow endless opportunities to enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities like biking, hiking, swimming and exploring. It is very east to maintain an active lifestyle and healthy diet while living in Belize.

4. Activities

Warm weather, rich archaeological sites, hundreds of islands – Belize is a mecca for outdoor activities! You don’t need to be an adrenaline junkie to enjoy the outdoors here. The sandy islands and jungle resorts are great for lounging and unwinding. There are more popular islands to the north of the country like Caye Caulker and San Pedro that have small hotels and upscale resorts to cater to any budget and experience. Although these islands invoke a feeling of serenity and relaxation as you arrive, there is still plenty adventure to be had.

Because all the islands (locally known as cayes) are lined along the largest barrier reef in the region, they provide great fishing, snorkeling and diving experiences. Some of the most unforgettable underwater experiences can be had at the Great Blue Hole, Shark Ray Alley, Hol Chan Marine Reserve or the Turneffe Atolls to name a few top spots.

For those history-junkies, Belize’s rich Mayan history is ready to be explored and uncovered! With over 20 different Mayan sites scattered across the country, and more still yet to be excavated, there is a lot to see and learn about the people who once inhabited these lands.

Belize Maya Ruin Altun Ha

Belize is also home to many nature parks and reserves. One of the more popular reserves is the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary which houses the world’s first jaguar preserve. Here, you can go hiking through nature trails, swimming beneath waterfalls, canoeing down rivers or climbing atop Mayan mountain.  The Nohoch Che’en Archaeological Reserve is another popular adventure destination in Belize as it offers guest fun cave-tubing tours through caves along the Caves Branch River as well as breath-taking zip line tours atop the jungle.

Aside from all these sites, you can also choose to do your own activities at your own pace like going for an evening stroll, biking through your neighborhood, bird watching, or just about anything else you can think of. There is no limit to all the fun activities you can do when you live in Belize.

5. Culture

Lastly, but maybe most important, is the culture. Belize is very slow-paced and relaxed in every way. So much so that the locals even know two versions of time – regular time and Belize time. Most businesses are scheduled to open at 8 AM but because of this slow-paced demeanor, the day usually gets started at the “Belize time” equivalent to around 8:30 AM. Although this may seem ridiculous to some who are used to a stricter schedule, in Belize everyone is accommodating and flexible just going with the flow as the day progresses.

This accommodating nature comes naturally to Belizeans who, as a people, are very warm and friendly to everyone they come in contact with. We are always willing to lend a helping hand or just offer a reassuring smile. Belizeans are also very family oriented. We are protective of each other but are very offensive in nature as most of us tend to do good with the expectations of the same from others.

Even if you ventured here by yourself, you will never feel like you are alone in Belize. You’ll meet people everywhere you go, who will treat you as if you are one of their own, and develop friendships that last a lifetime.

Ready to move yet?

Living in Belize, can offer a lifestyle that is much hidden in this new fast-paced technological era. Enjoy the best of both worlds living here as you’ll now have the opportunity to slow down and ingest scenery and people around you while still employing the modern technologies and amenities that have become a part of our daily lives. Take one visit and realize why there is no other country that can offer you the perks that many already enjoy when living in Belize.

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