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7 Reasons Why Belize Is the Perfect Country to Move

Imagine discovering an area primed for major economic expansion – welcome to Belize! It’s located just where you’d want it to be; on North America’s vibrant eastern coastline ready to reward investors who jump on board.  Apart from being an ideal holiday destination, there’s something special about Belize that draws expatriates thinking of settling down in South or Central America.  Hang tight as we reveal why life in Belize is too good to pass up. 

Reasons and Benefits of Relocating to Belize

1. Cost of Living

For individuals aiming to maximize their financial resources while maintaining a decent quality of life, Belize presents an attractive option. Living expenses in Belize are considerably lower than in North America or the United Kingdom, making it an appealing choice for many.

While you will notice that most routine expenses are reduced, it’s important to be aware that imported items can come at a premium. Opting for domestically produced goods can lead to more savings. Housing, dining out, entertainment, and transportation costs in Belize are reasonably priced, allowing individuals with varying incomes to live comfortably.

2. Tourism

Belize’s tourism and ecotourism industries are witnessing a remarkable surge, thanks to a plethora of contributing factors. This surge is more than just noticeable; it’s significant. Belize charms visitors with its warm tropical climate, an inviting archipelago of some 127 islands, the Western Hemisphere’s longest barrier reef and safe aquatic adventures. Additionally, its dense forests teem with diverse plant and animal life, further cementing its status as a top ecotourism destination. Most likely, you yourself were attracted by this Belize benefit.

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3. Climate

Belize’s climate is unquestionably one of its biggest attractions, offering ample sunshine for the better part of the year. Even during the rainy season, days often begin with sunlight, later giving way to brief showers. This makes Belize an ideal destination for those accustomed to enduring harsh, icy winters or sweltering summers void of the soothing Caribbean breezes. Here, the weather remains agreeably mild throughout the year.

Typically, the cooler months stretch from November to the end of January, while May through September marks the warmer period. Yet, even during the peak of warmth, most residents and visitors find little need for air conditioning, thanks to the natural, cooling flow of the air.

4. The Official Language Is English

Belize stands out as the only nation in Central America where English is the official language. This is particularly advantageous for English-speaking investors. Under British rule from 1862 to 1981, before gaining independence, Belize’s historical ties to Britain have made English the primary language of the country. Besides English, Spanish and Belizean Creole are prevalent among the local population. The widespread use of English simplifies life for expatriates and foreign investors moving to Belize, eliminating the necessity for a translator to comprehend documents, contracts, and legal requirements.

5. A Welcoming Atmosphere

Belize stands out as a nation renowned for its exceptional hospitality. Visitors from cultures known for their formality and reserve will delight in the warm smiles, spontaneous conversations, and vibrant social atmosphere that define life in Belize.

With its diverse cultural tapestry, Belize prides itself on being a place where both natives and newcomers alike exude friendliness and a willingness to assist those new to the country. The substantial expatriate community means finding individuals who have navigated the transition themselves is easy, and they are often eager to offer support and guidance to new expats.

6. Attractive Real Estate Prices

In Belize City’s Belama district, known as the heart of Belize, securing a property that spans 2,600 square feet is surprisingly affordable, with prices starting at just $163,500. The majority of these homes boast large living spaces, including balconies and porches, ensuring comfort and relaxation. Finding a budget-friendly property in the Caribbean is not a daunting task, rendering this region an exceptionally appealing option for retirees and expatriates looking for an economical living situation.

7. Affordable Healthcare System

The conversation around the need for enhancements in healthcare delivery and necessities remains a hot topic in the United States. Interestingly, Belize appears to have crafted an effective healthcare model.

In Belize, individuals have the liberty to choose between public and private health insurance options. It’s observed that a majority of expatriates lean towards private insurance for better quality coverage.

The cost of healthcare in Belize is notably lower compared to what retirees would expect to pay in the US. Opting for health insurance from leading Belizean providers will still see you spending significantly less than in the United States.

Final Words

Belize holds an allure that captivates individuals worldwide. For those contemplating relocating to a new country, Belize deserves a careful examination. Reflect on how its offerings align with your future aspirations. You might find that making the move to Belize could be the most rewarding decision of your life.

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