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Belize – Like No Other Place on Earth!

Yesterday I read a moving article about a family’s experience in Belize. The piece was nothing short of exactly what we, as Belizeans, know this Jewel to be – friendly people, pristine landscape, beauty all around!

This family toured all over the country to the Mayan ruins and several different cayes, but the bulk of the article was focused on Caye Caulker.

They raved about the welcoming demeanor of everyone they met as well as their good-hearted nature. This is something I was overwhelmed to see emphasized as Belize is usually stereotyped as a crime-ridden country. But us Belizeans know it to be quite the contrary. There is crime here just as anywhere else in the world; but for the most part, the violence happens to those involved in violent and criminal activities. No, you don’t need to worry about robbers or murderers at every street corner like those in the media lead you to believe. You probably wont go around the “bad” areas anyways unless you’re looking for it.

If you want to relax and just enjoy nature at its best, then Belize is definitely the place you want to be. Belize is filled with beautiful cayes (islands) all across its coast, and ancient Mayan Ruins as well as waterfalls and nature reserves filled with exotic animals and plants inland.

If you visit, don’t be afraid to let loose and immerse yourself in the people and culture. Enjoy our local “rice and beans, chicken and salad” for lunch or a refreshing shrimp ceviche, tamales, or fresh fish straight from the sea. Get to know us and fall in love like this family did! Read about their full experience in Finding Neverland: A Story of Belize and see what you’re missing out on.

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