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Foods To Avoid Giving To Your Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are energetic dogs. So, they need specific diets to meet their needs. That doesn’t mean you should just give them whatever food you think is healthy.

There are tons of foods that are great and healthy for humans that are terrible and even poisonous for dogs. Accidentally letting them eat some of these foods can have drastic consequences, and it’s on the dog owner to ensure they don’t get close to these foods to keep them safe.

However, you can’t keep your Aussie away from hazardous foods unless you know what’s giving them a hard time. You can read more about specific nutritional needs for these dogs here: https://spotandtango.com/learn/best-dog-food-for-australian-shepherd/

So, let’s look at a couple of foods that can be bad for your dog. We’re looking at food that can cause mild discomfort all the way down to food considered toxic to dogs.

Foods That Can Cause Mild Discomfort

Let’s start with foods that aren’t that dangerous but still things to keep away from your pet. While these won’t cause severe illness or death, they can cause your dog to get sick and feel very uncomfortable.


Honey is a pretty common treat for dogs. They love it because it’s sweet. On top of that, honey has a fair amount of vitamins and minerals that could be good for your dog. However, before giving your pooch a honey treat, it’s important to know that too much of it can be dangerous to your pet.

Honey is packed with calories. So, if your dog eats too much, it could gain weight and become obese. Additionally, raw honey may contain botulism spores that can cause a lot of trouble for dogs.


Milk and dairy aren’t exactly poisonous for dogs. While you can give them a small bowl as a treat every now and then, we don’t recommend giving them too much. Many dogs have dairy allergies, and having too much dairy could cause diarrhea and an allergic reaction.

Cat Food

There’s a high chance your Aussie is very interested in cat food. This is because cat food has a very strong scent and flavor to become more attractive to cats. With that said, this means that the food comes with more calories and protein, which can be dangerous to dogs if they eat too much of it.

So, even if it seems like your dog prefers cat food, it’s not made for their body. This is why you should avoid giving your dog as much as possible cat food.

Foods That Cause Moderate Discomfort

These are foods that are a bit more serious. If your dog has too much of any of these foods, it can get very sick. These foods are dangerous for dogs, and you have to make sure to keep them away from your dog at all costs.


Grapes and all their variations, such as raisins and grape juice, are dangerous for dogs. They are especially dangerous because scientists have yet to pinpoint what component of grapes is bad for dogs. However, they know that grapes and raisins can damage your dog’s kidney, which is a serious concern.

If you regularly have grapes in your kitchen, make sure to place them somewhere your dogs can reach. It doesn’t take too many grapes to cause an adverse reaction in a dog, which is why they are considered very dangerous.


Avocados contain persin. While humans can easily handle avocados and can reap a bunch of benefits from them, the persin is toxic to dogs. So, keep your pet away from these fruits as much as possible.

Foods That Are Toxic to Australian Shepherds

These foods are very dangerous for dogs. So, you should make sure to keep them away from it at all costs. Too many of these foods can have deadly consequences for an Australian Shepherd, so they are a major concern for any paw parent.


Chocolate contains high levels of sugar, caffeine, and theobromine. These can cause heart complications in your pet and can also affect their kidney. It doesn’t take a lot of chocolate to poison a dog, so make sure to keep your fresh brownies away from them!


Xylitol is a common artificial sweetener in many human foods. While humans can have xylitol without any problems, it can give a dog seizures and liver failure and can cause death in some cases. Xylitol is present in many human foods, so make sure to check if the food you plan on giving your dog has any xylitol. And if it does, keep the food away from them.


Aussies are great dogs. Not only are they smart and loyal, but they are also a joy to have at home. With that said, you need to ensure your Aussie is eating the right food if you want them to live a happy and healthy life. And if you keep these foods away from your pet, you will have a much easier time keeping them as safe as possible!

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