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Moving to Hopkins Belize

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Most people that retire in Belize flock to the north at popular Consejo Shores, Corozal. Although Consejo Shores is a growing expat community in Belize with new developments, like Playa del Consejo Condominiums, there are other parts of the country that are just as attractive and charming. One of such places is Hopkins Belize. This small fishing village in southern Belize is ideal for those considering retiring in Belize. Need some convincing? Here are a few reasons why.

  1. Size – Hopkins Belize is a small fishing village in the Stann Creek District that consists of a mere 1,500 villagers. Because of its low population, its beaches and surroundings are still in pristine condition and all its natural wonder is left for you to explore.
  2. Real Estate – Overall, real estate is relatively cheaper in Belize than other parts of the Central America.  This fact follows through to the Hopkins Village where you can find homes starting as low as USD$89k and land properties at USD$8,500 if you decide to design and build your own home here. CPC – Belize Real Estate, Hesed Realty, and the Belize Real Estate Brokerage offers a wide range of home, land and commercial property options to choose from. If you choose to visit Hopkins and house-hunt yourself, Latitude Adjustment offers short and long-term cabana rentals to accommodate those like you or you can stay at All Seasons Guesthouse which is only a minute away from the beach and offers private and spacious cabanas and rooms to suit your every need. With restaurants, rentals and tours nearby, your vacation can be as laid back or as adventurous as you like! Nothing is better than a calm and safe location to give you peace of mind and a piece of heaven!
  3. People – The people living in Hopkins are mostly Garinagu (descendants from the Garifuna who first settled in Belize when they were exiled from St. Vincent). These Garinagu are very friendly and welcoming to everyone. There are also some expats who have migrated and chose to retire in the village that are similarly warm and welcoming to all, ready to give helpful tips and share knowledge about living in Hopkins.

If those reasons aren’t enough, here is a couple more to help sweeten the pot. Hopkins is also only 20 minutes away from the second largest barrier reef in the world! Making it one of the top dive locations in Belize. The village is also near to other natural sites like the Mayflower Bocawina National Park (home to the longest zip line in Central America), the Mayan Mountains, and the Cockscomb Basin (the world’s first Jaguar preserve). Hopkins is one of the few undiscovered treasures in Belize. If you’re looking for charm, beauty and safety in paradise then Hopkins Belize is the place for you!

Welcome To Hopkins Sign in Belize

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