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The Ministry of Agriculture Hosts an Event to Validate the Draft National Agriculture and Food Policy

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security, and Enterprise, in partnership with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, hosted a validation workshop for the draft National Agriculture and Food Policy on August 4th, 2023. It included participation by representatives from the public and commercial sectors, as well as technical specialists from several ministries.

The National Agriculture and Food Policy is intended to guide the ministry and other stakeholders in solving the major difficulties that the agriculture industry faces. The strategy aims to encourage sector growth while also generating public money for the national economy. The policy is based on the Medium-Term Development Strategy 2022-2026 of PlanBelize. This national development plan focuses on growing, expanding, and sustaining agricultural output while providing food security, revenue creation, job opportunities, and improving rural populations’ livelihoods and well-being.

The policy specifies numerous strategic actions to attain the sector goal. Expanding agriculture through the Blue Economy, new growth industries, and micro, small, and medium enterprises for food security and sovereignty; working toward replacement of imports and substitution as well as broadening export opportunities to boost economic competitiveness; and concentrating on rural growth through infrastructure development, providing affordable and accessible financing options, improving essential services, and implementing climate change policies.

Overall, this comprehensive policy approach demonstrates a dedication to supporting sustainable and equitable growth in Belize’s agriculture sector. It prioritizes innovation, technology, and regional competitiveness, with an emphasis on rural areas and environmental stewardship.

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