There are no actual baboons in the Community Baboon Sanctuary

July 25 09:52 2013 Print This Article

Did you know there are no real baboons in Belize’s Community Baboon Sanctuary?

Belize has Black Howler Monkeys which are very much different from the baboon; which, according to National Geographic, have 5 species that all live in Africa or Arabia.

The Black Howler Monkeys on the other hand live in Southern Mexico all the way to Brazil, says Animal Planet. The Rainforest Alliance specifically states that “the Black Howler Monkey, [is] known as the ‘baboon’ in Belize”. Also, because of sport hunting and being used for food they are very rare in the Americas and predicts they might become fully extinct within the next 35 years.

See the difference below between the Black Howler Monkey (top) and the Baboon (bottom).

Howler MonkeyBaboons

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