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Belize Family Court

The Belize Family Court operates under the guidance of the Family Court Act Chapter 93 of the Laws of Belize Revised Edition 2003. Established on April 1, 1989, the Belize family has been in operation for 26 years. Their mission is to serve the public by offering a complete professional and family centered service in a caring, committed and confidential manner that is based upon the principles of dignity and respect for all.

The Belize Family Court exists to settle family and juvenile matters in a holistic manner so as to provide alternative methods for reconciliation, protection, rehabilitation, growth and development of all involved. A main function of the Belize Family court is to keep the society together through the administration of justice for family and juvenile matters.

Cases the Belize Family Court Oversees

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence in Belize is regulated by the Domestic Violence Act #19 of 2007. This Act provides greater protection and assistance for the victims of domestic violence. Through this act, the Family Court may now grant restraining orders up to 3 years, provide assistance for visiting relationships, provide assistance for officers of the Women’s Department and Social Workers to make claims on behalf of victims, and direct the victims to receive professional counselling or therapy.

Read more about the Domestic Violence Act in the laws of Belize.

Child Custody
The Belize Family court also oversees cases regarding child custody. Such cases include securing the rights of a child, appointing custody of children, providing support for children by the government, determine family maintenance, determine parentage of children, ensure proper care and protection of children, assign proper foster care placements, and handle adoptions.

Read more about child custody in the Families and Children’s Act in the laws of Belize.

Juvenile Offenders
Based on Belize’s Juvenile Offenders Act, the family court is authorized to make certain judgments relating to children (anyone under the age of 14) and young persons (anyone between the ages of 14 and 15). These judgments include deciding upon the bail of children and young persons, assigning custody to children and young persons not discharged on bail after an arrest, assigning remand instead of detention, and the right to order the parent to pay the fine instead of the child or young person.

Read more about the Juvenile Offenders Act in the laws of Belize.


Divorce in Belize is bound by the Married Persons (Protection) Act. Any matters regarding marriage and its dissolution are handled in the Belize Family Court. Included in the Marriage Persons (Protection) Act are the rights of husband and wife between themselves, meaning what is and is not acceptable of a husband and wife to their respective spouse. The Act also includes restrictions on making an order for divorce and the procedures necessary to finalize a divorce.

Read more about the Married Persons (Protection) Act in the laws of Belize.

Belize Family Lawyers

Belize has a host of very competent and experience lawyers that assist the public in handling legal matters relating to the jurisdictions of Belize’s family court. Below are some recommended family lawyers in Belize.

Courtenay Coye LLP
15 A Street, Kings Park
Belize City

See more contact info for Belize Lawyers.

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