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Belize Pantheon Fantastic – “The Legend of the Sleeping Giant”

What is it?

As you may know, Earth Day is recognized as a global annual event celebrated on the 22nd of April. Its purpose is to raise awareness of the environmental challenges and to call for innovative solutions. Central to this event is empowering individuals, especially our young people, with the information and tools required to bring communities together to deliver sustainable change.

In commemoration of Earth Day 2022, the Office of the Special Envoy for the Development of Families and Children (the Office) is partnering with Dr. Harold Young, a Belizean Author, and an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Austin Peay State University to bring alive “The Legend of the Sleeping Giant.” This initiative is an art competition aimed at young artists, ages 15-25, and seeks to engage our future generation in nurturing the emergence of Belizean folklore with the aim of protecting our environment.

Are there prizes?

There will be four prizes, as highlighted below, and seven gold embossed certificates. The prizes are as follows:

• Gold Prize (1st Place) – 1 apple tablet with graphic design software

• Silver Prize (2nd Place) – 1 Samsung tablet

• Bronze Prize (3rd Place) – 1 cellphone

• Viewer’s Choice Prize – 1 Gift Certificate (to purchase art supplies)

There will also be three (3) honorary mentions. The four winners and the three honorary members will each receive a gold embossed certificate.

You (the public) will be able to view the artwork via a virtual exhibit and get to vote for your favorite pieces. Make sure to check back here or on our Facebook page on April 8th,2022 for the launch of the Exhibit!

What do I need to do?

To get started, first read “The Legend of the Sleeping Giant” here.

Second, conceptualize and create a 2 dimensional artwork (any medium) of either Chac Shango or any of the inhabitant(s) of the world Chac Shango created.

Third, write a short biography/story/narrative (not more than 500 words) about your inhabitant(s). Include powers, physical strengths/weaknesses, likes/dislikes, and moral and ethical characteristics, as applicable. This can be written with others credited.

Fourth, download and fill out the entry form which you can find here.

Finally, submit your application package no later than March 31st, 2022.

How do I submit my artwork?

To complete your entry you will need to submit a completed entry form, the artwork, and the accompanying biography/story/narrative.

We are currently accepting submissions via the national library service as well as through online submission.

Submitting through the library service is the preferred method as works will be featured in both a real world and an online virtual exhibit and be up for sale. You can deliver your application package to any of the libraries countrywide.

If you can’t submit via the library service, you can submit your package via our online submission form.

As mentioned previously, your work will be featured online, and so submitting a high quality picture of your artwork will be very important. Read our tips and guidelines for photographing your work here.

I absolutely love this initiative and would like to contribute in some way. How do I?

“The Legend of the Sleeping Giant” is striving for success. To help us achieve this, you can either make a financial contribution to support the event or assist with acquiring prizes for our winners. Our goal is $15,000. Sponsors will be classified as Gold (those who contribute $1,000 or more), Silver (those who contribute $500 – $999), and Bronze (those who contribute $200-$499).

For more information reach out to us at belizepantheonfantastic@gmail.com or call +501-607-8056.

Our Current Sponsors

Can you spot the sleeping Giant?

Click and drag to move around or swipe if you’re on mobile. Use the scroll wheel on your mouse or pinch to zoom.

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