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History of The Garifuna Flag

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Did you know…

The black, white and yellow Garifuna Flag implemented by Thomas Vincent Ramos of the Carib Development Society was an evolution of the red, yellow and black flag that began with the Carib International Society.

The colors in the flag developed by the Carib International Society represented the blood of the Garifuna (red), the skin of the Garifuna (black) and the food of the Garifuna (yellow). When Ramos later created the Carib Development Society, he substituted the red with white according to the National Garifuna Council.

Although the meaning behind the colors have always been a topic of debate, the NGC Belize makes a good attempt to give proper significance to them. They agree with the previous description of the black representing the skin color and yellow for the food; and, they suggest that the white represents the white man (European) who forcibly removed them from St. Vincent. Conversely, the colors could also symbolize the Garifuna’s hardship and struggle that they endured (black), hope and prosperity (yellow), and the peace that they yearned for in their history (white).

Garifuna Flag

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