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Spotlight on BIM Belize

BIM Belize celebrates this year 46 years since its founding. Last year we celebrated 27 years since the construction of its Training and Conference Center, and in 2020 we celebrate 33 years since its incorporation.

BIM is the acronym for Belize Institute of Management. We added the Belize and thus Bim Belize is the Facebook page that we use to “Like”, “Comment”, “Share” and engage our friends on issues related to General Management and Business issues.

The postings are jointly managed by the General Manager, Ms. Cynthia Bennett and the Chairman, Mr. Raineldo D. Guerrero. We also added the Fan/Business page for Belize Institute of Management to promote our seminars, workshops, and our Training and Conference center as well as public comment on management and business issues.

We also are continuously updating our website www.bimbelize.org and make every effort to keep it up to date with the small staff we have. The Management of BIM is conscious that the postings on its site must always be professional, however we also believe that even business persons must also have a sense of humor and this appears from time to time throughout our posts. At times we do take liberties in our posts to our close friends and family members even as we recognize that it is not a personal page. However on a few occasions we have received some criticisms and when we have reevaluated the posts and recognized the value of the points made we have removed the posts, although not all the time. We do welcome your critique, comments, and will do our best to maintain our organization at the forefront of Management Development as we communicate with our friends.

Feel free to inbox us on any critique that as a friend you wish to share with us and add value to what we do. Thanks to all persons who have been supportive of what we do on these pages as we develop our FB skills. We wish to thank all those persons who have in one way or the other contributed to the success and continuous growth of the Institute as well as those who consistently post items of great interest both fun and serious that contribute to the development of this country.

Credits: BIM Belize

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