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The Overpass lights up the city’s night

Residents of Belize City and those traveling to the city on the Philip Goldson Highway were delighted to arrive at the Flag Monument Roundabout during recent evenings to see a lovely and enlivening display of lights gracing the formerly dull and uninviting cement Overpass. They were curious about what was going on and how long the delight of a brilliant nightlight would remain. 

On the evening of February 13, 2023, the Belize City Council decorated the Sir Manuel Esquivel Overpass with pink and crimson lights in observance of Valentine’s Day. The council has already lit up the overpass. for the holiday season in December 2021 and the month of patriotism and independence in September 2022. According to the council, this time is special since the lights will not be turned off after a month.

Thanks to the purchase of long-lasting, color-changing lights, the most recent lighting is everlasting. The council plans to use the monument to honor notable occasions and holidays. Each month promote several causes, including 16 Days of Activism, Breast Cancer Awareness, Mental Health Awareness, and others. Next on their list in March is Women’s Month, with purple lights.

Mayor Bernard Wagner stated he observed this vacant space sitting in the middle of the city. Why don’t the locals make use of the area? Its gloomy appearance and initial impression were foreboding. He thought? Why not add light?

The vicinity of the Sir Manuel Esquivel Overpass and the Flag Monument Roundabout has improved with the overpass light installation and fresh solar lights surrounding the roundabout.Belize City’s Council wants this creative lighting to have a positive effect on the city.

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