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Discovering Stann Creek

Travelling to the southern parts of the country either from the central hub of Belize City or the nation’s capital, Belmopan, will give any travel one of the most scenic rides of any other roadway in Belize. The south is increasingly become one of the most popular destinations for nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers visiting Belize.

Stann Creek is located 90 miles from Belize City by land and 36 miles by sea. You can also get to Stann Creek by a 20-minute flight to either Dangriga or Placencia.

Stann Creek has a small population of approximately 25,000 residents but its geographical makeup provides a wide range of tourist attractions like its beautiful beaches, Maya Mountains, the Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve, and a rich cultural presence.  Stann Creek is the hub for authentic Garifuna music, food, art and culture. Many areas in Stann Creek are also filled with elements of the rich Mayan culture.

The Stann Creek district is a main fruit-producing area in the country with cultivation of bananas and citrus. These fruits are normally exported at the Big Creek port to large countries in Europe.

Culture and Art

A main town in the Stann Creek district is Dangriga, commonly referred to as Belize’s culture capital. Dangriga comes alive and is definitely the place to be every November 18/19 when celebrating Garifuna Settlement Day. Visitors during this time enjoy nonstop festivities throughout the 18th night like dances, reenactments and parades to celebrate the arrival of the Garifuna people to Belize.

However, a visit to Dangriga any time of year is sure to give guests a great idea of what the Garifuna culture entails. Visitors can take drumming lessons, eat native dishes like hudut, see reenactments of dance like the John Canoe, and even learn a Garifuna phrase or two. The town of Dangriga is most famous for its cassava root which is often used for making cassava bread, hudut and even wine.

Dangriga has become a popular base for expats that migrate to Belize because of its cultural diversity and proximity to popular sites like the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve, Hopkins, Placencia, Victoria Peak and Doyle’s Delight. Living in Dangriga also provides excellent water sports, as well as lower costs of beachfront homes and properties.

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